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EGO Starter Kit

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The EGO Starter Kit

The EGO Starter Kit is among the most popular set ups for new and experienced vapers alike. Starter kits are the perfect way to get a new e cig device and the accessories required to make it fully functional for a great price. The design and quality of these electronic smoking devices is vastly superior to many of the products found at lesser quality shops. They’re easy to refill and there are simple ways to customize the device to truly make it your own and unique to your vaping needs.

In the Kit

There are a couple of different types of EGO starter kits available from the most reputable retailers. The most popular includes two EGO Clearomizers, two 900mAh lithium ion batteries, a USB charger, a carrying case and your choice of any 20ml e liquid. The Clearomizer is an atomizer and clear tank in one. The design makes for easy refilling and visibility into the tank to avoid running the device dry. The large capacity batteries can be fully charged in two to three hours via the included USB charger, and having a spare is always beneficial. The carrying case makes traveling with your kit simple. The 20ml included e liquid is the equivalent to 25 packs of traditional cigarettes. More than enough to get a feel for the best starter kit on the market.


One of the best parts of the EGO series electronic smoking devices is the ease of refilling the unit. Simply unscrew the bottom, tilt the clearomizer to one side and fill by dripping the e liquid down the interior wall. Take care not to get any liquid in the center tube. Screw the bottom back on and in a minute or two when the e juice has had a chance to saturate the coils the e cig is ready for use.

Where to Shop

The most popular EGO starter kits can be found only in the most respectable shops around. Torontonians are particularly lucky, as are locals and tourists alike in the Niagara Falls region. The finest purveyor of outstanding e cig devices has well stocked locations in both cities. In addition to the brick and mortar shops, they also have a world-class website on which their full line of products can be explored. Best of all, any purchases through the website include free shipping anywhere in Canada. Finding places to check out the EGO series starter kits has never been easier. Have a look in the best shop in town, or jump online and explore the outstanding selections available with free shipping nationwide.
An EGO starter kit is a great way to get into vaping. Even practiced vapers can benefit from the convenience of a preassembled kit containing everything required to enjoy a great electronic smoke. The EGO series provides customers with a world class e cig experience, so no matter which EGO starter kit you choose, you can rest assured that you’re investing in one of the finest vaping devices on the market today. The importance of an easily refillable device is evident to anyone tired of injecting e liquid with a syringe. Acquiring the EGO series is as simple as a quick online search.
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